The Last 13 Days

The Last 13 Days
How can two “lonely” love thirsty people stay together despite everything? Even when an emotional trauma is to be considered a point of issue…
This novel is written to remind you of the ones who make you forget ‘hoping’. Please read it, the quite familiar depressive love of Ercan and Inci will answer you.
While you are losing your belief in reality, feeling afraid, insufficient and feeling insecure about the future,
you might also have become paranoid without even knowing this…
Who has caused you become like this?
We are told that 30% of the human beings all over the world are in depression. Insanity cases are increasing more and more… Why? If you do not use the power inside you, your fears will overcome you. Don’t sacrifice the “free and human being“ side of your soul, to pessimism. Who can deceive you more than yourself?
Life is a sleeping state, people wake up when they die; if you act early enough, you can wake up before you die…

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